Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening
Mr. Gene Green

I don’t think some people really know what organic gardening is. They are using old tires and carpet and calling it Organic Gardening. Although, it is environmentally friendly to recycle and use things again…there are toxins in the carpet and tires…well…gee Beaver, you think that old tire is toxic?

So, there are ways to garden organically and I will be touching on some of them here. One topic that deserves a HUGE amount of space is Red Worms. I first used Red Worms in 1998. I never saw plants do so well than with the soil these worms produced. It only took a day and they would eat all of our kitchen garbage.

I am going to write about Red Worms and give you some facts and also some great places to order them online so you can have the experience of them.

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